This case study is to create an innovative technique for a Bonbon shop, giving the shop a new way to connect with their users/consumers while also giving the customer a unique experience that will stick in their mind and bring them back.

A display of the main 2 pages on the Beau's Bonbons site



The goal of my research was to find who exactly would want to use this site and what innovative technology solution would be best for a small chocolate shop.

Website Goal

To attract people who want to have the ability to chose and make a box of chocolates. It is giving people the freedom to create new flavour combinations that they otherwise would not be able to have. As well, the company gets to see what flavour combinations their customers are looking for.

Target Audience

Targeted towards 19 to 50-year-old people in a relationship, leaning more towards women but targeting both men and women. People who are busy and don’t have time to go into a store or are also looking for a more customized experience. Below are two examples of people who would use the Beau's Bonbons website.

A persona mock-up of someone who would use the Beau's Bonbons site
A persona mock-up of someone who would use the Beau's Bonbons site

Competitive Analysis

A screenshot of the vans custome shoe designer

Vans is a shoe company that while they offer a lot of shoe designs also allows its users to customize their design in only a few minutes. This gives the user a way to feel more connected to the product.

Target Audience

Young adults who want to have unique pieces that no one else has.

Innovative Tech Component

A 3D model of their shoe that can be rotated to see all sides of the model. Pieces of the model can be selected so that they can be customized. All of the options for the customizable piece are listed below the model of the shoe. They also have a list of customizable pieces fo the model if you don’t want to click on each piece. It has a cost that goes up or down base on what you chose.


Some of the details on the shoes are so small it’s hard to click on to select when you want to customize that piece.

Competitive Analysis

Domino’s Pizza Builder
A screenshot of the dominos custom pizza builder

Domino’s is a pizza company that is based on making the pizza buying process easy and quick for its customers. Customers have the option of buying premade pizzas or customizing their pizza so they know what exactly is on it and know that they will enjoy it. This gives their users a reason to keep coming back because few places have this technology.

Target Audience

Young adults and families that don’t have time to cook dinner and/or are having a party and need to have a wide variety of combinations to please everyone. People who need a pizza in a short amount of time and find it easier to order online than call and describe what they want, all the options are in the open for them.

Innovative Tech Component

Takes you in stages. Starts with picking the size of your pizza and the crust you want, then you choose your cheese and sauce, you can add more or less of each and choose which side you want it on. After that, you choose your toppings and the picture of your pizza updates as you select more. It may not be the most accurate picture but it connects the user to what their decision is and makes them visually imagine what it could taste like.


The only real weakness is that the pizza builder has is that it does not show you the price until you are about to pay for the pizza.

Visual Design


Questrial was chosen as the font face for Beau’s Bonbons website because of the round friendly appearance. Only one font was chosen for this project because it compliments the shape of the bonbons and doesn’t overwhelm the user.

Display of Questrial Regular
Display of Questrial Bold

Colour Palette

The two pinks were chosen as the colours to represent Beau’s Bonbons since pink represents love, affection and approachability which helps associate the brand with its target audience.

The main colours used for the Beau's Bonbons site

Bringing it Together

From my research, I learned that when you are implementing an innovative tech solution, it is important to make sure that the solution works flawlessly and provides the user with an easier experience than they would have had without it.

Next Steps

After all the research and design has been finished, building the physical site would be the next step. To do that, I would build the site with Bootstrap, an open-source component library. Using Bootstrap will give me the ability to tie together HTML, CSS, and JavaScript quickly and efficiently, as well as letting me apply my styling and give the site an overall unique and coherent feeling.

When implementing the innovative solution, I will use something like JSC3D, which is an open-source online 3D model viewer and toolkit based on HTML5 and Javascript. This would allow me to input my 3D model of the bonbons and give me the capabilities to rotate them and switch between the outside view and inside view."

A display of what the Beau's Bonbons site would look like on a computer screen

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